Not an Avocado

For some reason I have Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab at the edge of my consciousness this morning. That is unwelcome. Clinging to power springs to mind. Out of touch with public opinion perhaps?

In French the word for lawyer and avocado are the same “un avocat”. I am not an avocado nor for that matter a lawyer.

Ever since I applied for a patent without using a costly patent attorney, I have received various statistics from the IPO suggesting that the success rate of non-avocado based patent applications is low.

The cost of an avocado was quoted to me as being about five grand English.

This morning I am wondering a little on the tone and content of the letter I got. Would they remind a patent attorney of the patents act, for example?

One of my ex-flatmates in an attorney, I think for the MoD.

The tone of the letter is all about power. We have the power to grant you {pleb} a patent if you do as we say. It is a tad condescending. Condescending is something that the English do well.

Am I simply upsetting the system because I don’t like avocado and can’t afford one?

Is it a matter of not being a paid up member of the patent club?

There is something wrong with the letter. First it was sent by email and not post and secondly it feels off in some way.  There are technical errors.

Something smells funny…

My intuition is not happy, something is off…

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