Opening The Decision Funnel

The wife started her consolidation chemotherapy cycles today and they have cut her Dexy’s Midnight Runners dosage in half which should make for a more peaceful night.

Mid to late August she will be on maintenance lenalidomide. We have been given some generics because the Revlimid patent has expired. These generics are half the price. Does big pharma make a buck or two out of people’s illnesses?

We need to have a better idea, stay here, downsize in France, downsize and move back to the land of my fathers. There is a window of possibility in the Autumn. We need to scope things out a little.

Today I have been shocked. I looked up car rental prices on car rental company web sites. The prices in the UK are twice those in France. Yes, I said twice!! I nearly fell off my unicorn.

If you get a package through the well-known airline sardine jet, they return to more sensible levels. It is cheaper to hire a transit van than a car. I can be white van man…

It seems to me that we need to be near a hospital with a Myeloma specialism and good “trust pilot” rankings for Myeloma treatment and yet where the house pricing is not disproportionate {ludicrous}.

One forgets just how expensive and poor value things are in the UK. People are also loud and full of braggadocio.

And this could only happen in France. We are going to get a refund on our electricity bill because she had to use an oxygen concentrator at home in December and January. How neat is that!

They say France is a bit quirky, but this is a nice touch, somewhere somebody has thought this through. Merci…

I could start up tutoring again at A level or Welsh baccalaureate. The “competition” in and around Cardiff are charging ~£40 per hour. I might be able to attract a more “premium” rate. I have seen prices at international level at £100 per hour. If I started doing this, we could probably buy something a little nicer…25 hours a month December-June would make a significant contribution to our income. I might even have to pay some tax!! Ten hours a week is over ten grand a year…that means for a five year fixed rate deal, we could get a mortgage of £25k.

I did not realize that there is an online business for English language international science tutors…

You learn something new every day.

Time to feed Trip Hazard and Félix…

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