8.22 Kilometres

Not long back from the osteopath and the supermarket.

I have been seeing the osteo for a while now and his ministrations have brought me a slightly increased flexibility and reduced pain. He says that I am the least flexible of his clients {ever} without some other pathology. I have bilateral osteoarthritis in my hips.

After his ministrations he sat me on the exercise bike with a programme simulating an increasing gradient. He said do half an hour. He came back at 27.5 minutes by which time I had done 8.22 kilometres according to the on board computer thingy.

Apparently, the average amateur cyclist does something like 48kmh on the flat. I did ~18kmh on an increasing gradient. I felt a bit sick on the bike.

And now my hips are feeling pretty odd.


We are due some more rain this afternoon… so maybe I’ll be taking it easy.

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