Inner Stillness and Animal Encounters

I have something of a pet theory, and it says that wildlife is sensitive not only to the acoustic impact of humans but to the levels of their inner mental noise. Somehow wildlife senses who is a threat and who is at peace. For whatever reason, even though I may be allergic, cats like me a lot. Big bouncy dogs are relaxed around me. If your mind is quiet your chance for a random animal encounter is higher.

I have been fortunate over the years to be treated to some close encounters of the natural kind. This is not because I am some ninja stalker, rather I walk quietly, and my mind is still. When I come across wildlife I do not jolt. A pair of Crocs on grass does not make much noise. The other contribution to encounter is my penchant for dawn and near dawn.

After lunch whilst I was circumambulating, I got to plughole corner. I saw motion over the fence in the waters of the swamp. There less ten metres from me was the Coypu. It swam to the edge of the swamp and got out. I was watching it for a minute or so. It was not the mummy from before but the adolescent from last year.  I called to the wife, and it disappeared into Le Jaudy. At mid-day!! So, the Lotus muncher is in the ‘hood.

Perhaps my most enthralling encounter was with a large stag in the woods of the Ashridge estate. It was a misty early morning, and I came upon him thirty meters away. He was the embodiment of Herne. He was magnificent. He was steaming of breath as was I. We stood for what seemed like an eternity, eye to eye, mutually transfixed.

I bowed literally, retraced my steps and took a path that went in a different direction.

Do you think wildlife and animals are sensitive to the sate of mind of humans?

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