Different Societal Models

Since Blavatsky wrote about white barbarians, things have changed dramatically in Tibet. If I remember correctly there once was a time when a very large proportion of the population was in the monasteries. Now Tibet is under Chinese rule, and they are politically interfering with the tulku tradition. As a model of society, the finding and enthroning of a tulku to preside over a nation differs from the Western way. The notion of prompt reincarnation underpins it. The Dalai Lama is one of the most famous people on the planet now and many would recognise his image. The society was not secular based, so it is possible. Maybe in the distant future we could have a form of spiritual governance again?

Blavatsky suggests that the Secret Doctrine has been kept safe in Tibet through the ages. Tibet was closed to Westerners. It opened up and was subsequently invaded. Many were forced to escape under arduous conditions, and it is safe to say that Tibetan Buddhism thrives in the west. There is a community not too far from here in Brittany.

If your island Atlantis is rent apart and sinks under the waves, where might you lead the remnants of your people? Well, the Himalayan plateau is quite high above sea level as is Machu Picchu. If you went there, would you take your treasure trove of knowledge with? Yes. Might you hide some of it as Gterma to be discovered later? Yes.

Times are changing. Western democracy is struggling a bit with the phenomenon of “populism” and the splintering of political parties so that governance becomes difficult. These wild card “populists” are moving away from old school democracy. They are closer to Moscow and Beijing in style than they might care to admit. They are heading towards a form of totalitarianism too. Socialism is not really well, alive and kicking, communism is replaced by totalitarian pseudo-capitalism. The social divides in the UK, which were ameliorated in the last century have returned with a bang. There is division. The parliament in Israel has been dissolved again for the umpteenth time.

There is a kind of inevitability that the EU and OTAN will get sucked into the wormhole of war in Ukraine. The arms manufacturers will supply the means and the Ukrainians the blood. Everybody will want, for domestic political purposes, some star-dust from Zelenskyy.

After the platinum jubilee super spreader event, Covid cases are again on the up.

Today is the solstice. The flow of the year changes and the year pivots. Whatever has been planted, matures to harvest and the impact of less grain will be felt worldwide. War in the East means more starvation in Africa. Sri Lanka is in deep trouble.

I remain confident that new forms of society will be possible in the distant fullness of time but as a humanity we have to be shocked out of this paradigm of insatiable acquisitional materialistic hedonism.

The question is will it take another cataclysm or series of cataclysms for this to occur?

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