Mystery and Fate

It’s a mystery, oh, it’s a mystery
I’m still searching for a clue
It’s a mystery to me
A shot in the dark
The big question mark in history
Is it a mystery to you?

Toyah Willcox

My orientation towards life is to a fair extent governed by the postulates in the previous post. One could say that the trajectory of this life, as it was in the early part of this century, was not at that stage pointing here, to as it is now. Nevertheless, this is where it is at and there is little sight of where it is going beyond the next two months which are constrained by the upcoming regular chemotherapy appointments at the local hospital.

The likelihood is that we stay here living pretty much as we do for quite a while. In the fullness of time, we will have to downsize or come into to some money to pay a gardener. We could downsize here or head back to one of the cheaper parts of the UK. We have gotten accustomed to the space here and have no firm idea how we would respond to the relative claustrophobia of the UK. First exposure to say the M23 at Gatwick is likely to be a massive shock, perhaps a trouser changing moment.

We could do an experiment and see, there are flights from Rennes to Gatwick. As I am writing this, I am remembering driving down to Crawley early doors and seeing three lanes of red lights going one way and three lanes of white going the other. That seems like a lifetime ago. There is even a Dire Straits tune to accompany the picture.

In the context of fate, I have always been fated here, in this eddy in the Dao. If you believe in free will and control of destiny by self, then it is the concatenation of my decisions which have brought me here. Other people have altered my trajectory through their interactions with it.

Based on the age at death of my parents, I could have more than a decade left to go. If I have a hip replacement that could prove one operation too many or give me a new lease of life.

I have been wondering today what residual fate I have left. What tricks and quirks has fate got up its sleeve for me.

It is a mystery…

This popped into my inbox whilst I was typing…different worlds…

Call for proposals

EIC Pathfinder Challenge: Alternative approaches to Quantum Information Processing, Communication, and Sensing

The scope of this call is to develop innovative approaches to encoding, manipulating, or storing information in quantum objects, or to exploiting quantum phenomena for information processing, communication, and sensing in a way that differs from the mainstream approaches currently being pursued in quantum research.

Proposals should clearly identify the limits of the current quantum information processing paradigms they are trying to improve upon and propose relevant metrics to track progress and demonstrate success or a superior paradigm compared with conventional quantum information processing approaches.

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