Rain, Patents and BoJo

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain. It was lovely. We have not had much rain for quite a while and the ground is thirsty. It is 14˚C today as opposed to 34˚C two days ago. This means that my brain works a bit better.

During the night I had a dream with Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson in. We were talking and instead of listening to what I was saying he just talked over me. The dream was very chaotic and all over the place. He got us lost in London. I have long suspected that he is ENTP “each new thought propels”, in other words he is highly novelty focussed and gets very excited by each new idea. ENTPs are not that great about thinking things through, they are great at generating new ideas, not all of which are sane.

The patent guy has asserted that resonant hyper-parametric scattering and spontaneous parametric down conversion are the same thing.

This nature paper, cited in the Ajiki et al. patent application suggests not. There are four photons involved and not three.

In the patent they talk about an exciton “molecule” in a thin film CuCl…this is a bit odd and probably results from a poor translation.

The process having an electronic resonance will have some time dependence due to the lifetime of the exited {resonance} state and the modelling shows some reliance on line {MS  word wants to make this online} width and detuning from the resonance. It is done in a 4K cryostat so not exactly good for real world applications. The use of monochromators suggest that background non correlated luminescence photons are a big problem.

Looks like he is right, and I cannot claim DBR reflectors, the step is a tad obvious.

Bit more reading to do now…

It has gone very dark outside…here comes the rain…

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