Nut Job or Bodhisattva?

Not so long ago I said to someone either there has been an almighty foxtrot up or I am a complete nut job.

Based on various circumstantial factors it is possible that a being who once was a close disciple of Siddhartha managed to incarnate as a non-returner, anāgāmin , four lifetimes later in such a way as to find itself associated with some of the top-flight UK educational establishments and essentially be ignored and possibly maltreated, gossiped about. It worked at each of the top four, in two cases very briefly and studied for a Ph.D. at the most niche of institutions. The incarnation into a family with “become a teacher or a preacher” mantra so as to escape the coal pit, pointed it at education and it subsequently found itself at the very core of education. It met many famous science dudes. This being is living now, socially isolated on a tiny income in rural Brittany, in a kind of exile. There are vast widespread karmic implications in this version.

The alternative narrative is that this being burned out, took too many drugs, drank way too much and turned into a complete nut job. It invented an extremely convoluted story so as to justify to itself how it squandered a wonderful opportunity. White trash from the Rhondda valleys and the Cardiff docks could not hack the transition to the upper civilised classes. It returned to roots as so often they do. There are only localised karmic implications in this one.

This is not a binary thing; it is not a superposition state.

Take your pick, which is accurate?

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