Comparison Mind and Buddhism

I have been involved in developing curricula and course documentation for consideration at the “Senate” of a higher education establishment. These things are rigid and soporific, yet somehow necessary. They tend to sap the will to live and the will to teach, but they are very useful to frame and outline a course of study. Their development although painful, enables. The thought process is worth the effort. People can then improvise within a framework. The will to teach returns, a bit.

There is a lot of pseudo-intellectual stuff in Buddhism trying to define which grade of Buddha is best, who has attained the four noble truths best and overcome the fetters. Much of this speculation is in many ways contrary to enlightenment. People like to compare…

Does arguing the toss and nit picking bring enlightenment?

Please give me the benefit of your illustrious opinion…

There is a mantra that one must take refuge in the dharma, the sangha and the Buddha.

Why? Must we all join the church, give donations etc. in order to be enlightened?

Would a bodhisattva engage in petty discourse?

I’ll append one of the key sutras of Buddhism here.

Does it suggest that comparison is helpful or not?

Please justify your answers with many examples and copious bullet points.

This sutra is as it is called, purest diamond…

I hope that you can, in the fullness of time, attain this sutra…

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