Settling Back into the Rhythm…

Well, for the next two months starting next week we shall dance to the chemo-beat.

Every day I’m shufflin’

Shufflin’, shufflin’

We went to the hospital today and ordered the £6k a pack thalidomide relative and the high strength Dexy’s Midnight Runners. There will be two hospital visits per week and one nurse visit at home for the next two months. For the moment it will be at our local hospital, but when the sacred month of August arrives no doubt this will be re-jigged for holidays. I foresee car journeys to a more distant hospital.

Luckily, because in the past I have been prone to post spliff munchies, I have been able to suggest some weird food combinations to help combat the post chemotherapy anorexia. It seems to help.

I have found out that Trip Hazard does not like Vajrayana deep voice chanting. He pegs it when I start.

The heron has been around the last few days, and I have seen the trout in Le Jaudy.

Peter went to Iceland; we went to Picard. It is the cleanest and most clinical shop I have ever seen. OCD heaven me-thinks. They have some nice stuff.

I set seven mole traps the other day. But there is more mole sign down by the pampas grass. In my arsenal there are seven more traps. So, it looks like I will be mole hunting again. I may have to ask the EU / NATO / OTAN for some more ammunition. The little Bravo is claiming territory in my land.

There is a simple equation sun + rain = loads of grass.

I foresee strimmer frenzy and a few days on the sit on mower.

Next, we change from near perfect isolation to be social butterflies at the hospital…

Luckily the computer tells me the date and the day of the week…

There are two dinners to make tonight…

The sheets have been changed and washed.

I have emptied the hand towel bin and done a drugs audit.

I’ll see Les Girls up at the pharmacy on Wednesday, remembering to take a carrier bag with.

Settling back into the rhythm of that chemo-beat…

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