Lasers and Colour

It is accurate to say that I played with research grade lasers over more than two decades. It started with Argon and Krypton Ion lasers and progressed to Excimer or Nd:YAG pumped dye lasers and went onto various femtosecond lasers and optical parametric oscillators and amplifiers. Most of this was done in dark rooms and I looked directly at colour more than the average Joe. When I was using dye lasers I sometimes used an intracavity etalon to make them higher resolution and I would calibrate them by looking at the breathing of a beam with another etalon as the wavelength is scanned. This is a tad hypnotic. There was a time when I could guess the wavelength from the colour to within a few nanometres. I have used lasers across the entire visible spectrum and into the ultraviolet and near infrared.

I developed what I joke of as Zen and the Art of Laser Alignment. If you are patient aligning a dye laser is an act of deep meditation. If you rush you mess up. Many learn the hard way.

As a consequence of my experience with lasers I find it simple to visualize colours.

The name for my training business Indigo Blue Enterprises came from my dreaming colour and is mentioned in the previous post. I got the name from that quotation. Another project was Rhosynglas or blue rose. I chose the pen name Eric Rhosynglas to write Vis Viva – A Journey to Sirius. And I am more than a little bit fond of Glaslyn, the blue lake on Snowdon. The dragon comes from Beddgelert.

For eight years I did the Toltec active dreaming practice which starts with visualizing the yellow rose. When you can hold this stable and rotate in three spatial dimensions plus time you have stabilized the Rose, and this allows one to enter the dreaming colour.  This first appears as a Rorschach ink blot but soon then fills the entire perceptual inner space. The idea is to be at-one with one’s dreamer. It is extremely relaxing and womb like. The colour deepens and takes on a differing hue with time and is not an eye based hue. Then, if you are lucky intuitional dreaming takes place and learning progresses. In my case the yellow rose was a veil or precursor to the blue rose, both of which “sit” on the central pillar of the kabbalistic tree of life, Otz Chiim.

The notion behind this meditation is to call down from above, the so called lightning strike.

The Lotus based meditation is deigned to build the Antahkarana up. In 2008 I switched over and it did not take me very long to get the Lotus meditation stable. My understanding is that one, the Rose, is occidental and the other Oriental. Joining the dots was fun.

It is my premise that my job as a high resolution molecular spectroscopist helped my colour based meditation a great deal!!

Thanks to a SERC CASE Ph.D. studentship by Coherent UK I was able to do advanced occult meditation.

Far out…

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