Are Dreams Real?

It depends upon what you mean by real…

In the previous post there was quite a gap in the dreams between 2014 and 2019… In July 2015 I had a six hour operation to remove a colon tumour and I think that this interfered with my dreaming. There were some dreams, but the occurrence was less frequent, and they were less vivid. I did have a recurring vision of me being above the operating table watching the laparoscopic operation on me.

All the dreams that I have put up here are entirely passive. Even though I know I am dreaming I do not attempt to change the direction of the dream. I can sometimes if I wake up, re-join the dream on falling back to sleep.

There is a lot of stuff written on dreams and dream interpretation and as is so often the case people want some electromagnetic and /or physical measurement of dreaming. They may want to interpret dreams in the manner of the Germanic psychologists. One might talk of the sub-conscious. Why do people seek scientific legitimacy?

In the Toltec tradition the causal vehicle which causes an incarnate being is called the dreamer and the physical plane being is called the dreamed. The dreamer can communicate with the dreamed via dreams. If someone is Soul infused the connection between the dreamer and the dreamed has been well established and dramatizations of the Soul can register in the brain. It would be better to call this supra-consciousness.

People have a predilection for stalking or dreaming. I guess you can guess mine!

There was a period of my life in the early part of this century when I would write down my dreams and the events in those dreams would play out in “real life” over the subsequent week. This was a tad spooky. I called these prescient dreams, they pertained to the time aspect of dreaming. I thought of them as dreams of the East.

Where guidance was given in dreams, I followed this to the best of my ability / interpretation even though I may not have wished to. “I” surrendered to my dreamer. I handed over the steering wheel of the physical plane vehicle so to speak. One dream suggested that I did not take a well paid job! I listened.

Around 2010 I did have two Vajrayana empowerments, Guru Rinpoche and White Tara. These were given in a sizeable ceremony by Akong Rinpoche. The ceremony had shamanic elements to it, and I had had some previous shaman training. I might have been susceptible. It may be possible to receive more than one asks for. My personality vehicle is seventh ray, so I am going to be fond of all things Harry Potter-esque. It was around this time that I found out by accident that I could do Tibetan Deep voice chanting.

This may be responsible for the Tibetan inflow.

The wife and I have just had a chat about her dreams whilst in the Hospital. Dreams in our household hold more significance than Premier league football but less than Six Nations Rugby 😉.

If you were to tell me a story and I had a dream that contradicted it. I would believe my dream.

Your world, the one you think to be so very real, is but the dream of your dreamer and that dream may be something of a nightmare.

I can tell the difference between night-time passive dreaming and the waking dream which you might insist is reality. I have stopped the world and gotten off. I can get back on the bus for a while and then get off several stops later. Others are stuck on the bus….

That dreaming sequence previous suggests something out of the ordinary has been / is going on. I doubt very much that anyone else has had a sequence of dreams like those. Why should that kind of thing happen to someone who used to have a good grasp of modern science remains a mystery.

In the Toltec tradition allegedly, there are time capsules of cached knowledge. In Tibetan Buddhism there are gterma

Maybe there is more to life than meets the eye…

The responding question to “are dreams real?” is:

Is your perception of and subsequent assimilation of the world around you both accurate and complete?

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