When Will You Be Satisfied?

Within the paradigm of Materialistic Hedonistic Consumerism there is no space for “enough” apart from in a most fleeting temporal moment. In general people want more. Someone will always be better have a bigger house, a better trophy wife, more postnominals and higher kudos.

The economy in this paradigm is supposed to grow so that the paradigm, blessed be its name, can be sustained. This implies a continuous extension of demand. A global “enough” cannot therefore exist if there is to be economic growth. I don’t know where this mantra of “must grow, must grow” came from. It is not very sensible in the context of finite planetary resource, is it?

If you are not satisfied, then by definition you have not had enough {satis} and are therefore dissatisfied. The level of dissatisfaction varies from person to person. Some are natural Scrooges, some Eeyores and some are like Midas. There is a lot of envy and comparison mind is pandemic. People are forever comparing themselves to some rubric, some fantasy world.

Some like to self-flagellate with their thoughts and criticisms.

There is often a mental barrier.

“When I get my chair at Cambridge, then I will be happy…”

I might say no you won’t. You will be working your arse off!!

I’ll make a postulate here:

Comparison mind is a major cause of global dissatisfaction and suffering.

“Mummy he got one more sweetie than me. It is not fair!!”

I’ll do a little exercise of comparison mind.

I live on a low income, I am in my late fifties, with poor health and a background level of arthritic pain, my wife has an incurable disease, I am socially isolated, I am lacking in kudos and have little or no physical plane power. I have no ambition.

Now think of 40-50 words which describe your life. Make it succinct.

In your opinion who is likely to be more dissatisfied with their lot, you or me?

What was the basis of your comparison?

Which assumptions did you make?

When Will You Be Satisfied?

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