Some Speculations on the New Age

The first thing to point at is the word Age. This does not mean a decade nor even a century, it means Age.

If you look at the previous post about the dark brotherhood, it is easy to see that selfish self-advancement is to be found all over the planet. The rich take more than they need, and there is no equitable distribution of resource. Ambitious, go-getting self-advancement is seen by many as a good thing, winning at the expense of others has merit. The path of involution deep into materialistic hedonism is well worn and trodden by many. Greed is good. This kind of attitude started to take off wholesale in my lifetime say in the 1980s.

I myself have been exposed to the temptation of power and money. I met a very nasty piece of work who was the CEO of our spin out and experienced his darkness and manipulation first hand. By an act of renunciation, I sealed his fate. I did not fall under the sway of his unpleasant influence. Others may not have been so lucky and may have copied his ways. Nastiness rippling out like a pebble thrown into a pond.

At the moment that part of humanity which has the leisure of being away from the cutting edge of poverty is largely obsessed with appearance and image. There are petabytes of selfies and other vacuous images filling the servers around the world eating electricity as if there is no tomorrow.  There are fads and trends and influencers…There is obsession with sexual imagery and there are even articles about what is the best number of people to have shagged. Times have changed. They will change again.

The current way of living is not sustainable, no matter how much we like to kid ourselves it is. If we do enough carbon capture, build enough nuclear power stations and wind farms; we can keep on nose to the trough in our insatiable consumption. No!

Humanity has to realise that it has to change its entire orientation. A few tweaks will not work!! The longer things are put off the worse it will be.

The new age will not be about dancing with flowers in your hair and having a tie dye love-in. Nor will it be about vagina scented candles and wretched wokeness.

Few people are all that interested in self-development and self-awareness. Humanity is largely polarised on the physical, the vital-etheric and the astral surfaces. Volatile and emotive behaviour is on all sides. Obsession with the physical form and foxtrotting is behind the inaptly named “Love Island”. This materialistic hedonism is our age. Science fiction writers once looked forward to the 21st century.  It has not delivered their visions. It is stuck, in the mud. Humanity exhibits the separative behaviour of “me” and worse “look at me”, “look at me aren’t I clever”. “Look how many followers I have!” Us and Them has usurped the We.

It is my estimation that the only way humanity will change is if things get very, very bad. Otherwise, it will persist in trying to have its cake and eat it.

Before the New Age can begin to dawn, the old forms must wither and die. In Africa they do slash and burn farming. The new may have to arise from the ashes of the old. Humanity may have to be knelt by nature and the universe, knelt so that it acquires at least sufficient humility in order to start to change. The birth pangs will be severe.

By the time humanity has developed, en masse, integrated personalities sensing the nascent guidance of the overarching Souls, it will not resemble in outlook, the humanity of today. When Soul infused it will differ markedly and obsession with the three lower worlds will have faded and gone. If humanity gets to the point of Soul to Soul interaction there will be little remnant of what we consider society today. It will seem as primitive as a cartoon cave man with his club.

People will look back and say, “did we really do that?” How blind and arrogant we were!

We were so stubborn and thought we knew best…

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