Trip Hazard is a Weird Cat!

For whatever reason Trip Hazard is being a bit more weird than usual today. He has been following me all around the garden. I can understand it when there is food involved, but he followed me up to collect the bins. He followed up when I emptied out the vacuum cleaner.

He starts off following and then overtakes and gets in the way. So, you have to step over him. He followed me all around the pond. He tries to make it so that I am always between him and the perimeter. He does not like crossing the open space of the “football pitch” and he positively sprinted across that.

The garden is 8000 metres squared, which means something like 90m by 90m. I reckon that trip hazard has done something like 0.25km following me about today. I have never seen a cat do this before.

What a weird cat…

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