Patent Fun and Juxtaposition

Well serves me right for talking about optical waveguiding! On Tuesday I had a GP appointment and he asked me what I did for a living. I told him that I had retired and had once taught physical chemistry in London. It saves the GP justifying his stance on antibiotics. I added that I made a patent application in the small village next to where his surgery is. They have upped my dose of Seretide and given me stand by antibiotics, in case.

I have heard from the Patents Directorate in Cardiff at the IPO. He has written to me in English with no Welsh translation!!

He raises a number of concerns and has one very good suggestion. I seem to remember looking up the two pieces of prior art before and concluding that although they mentioned electric field it was not in the same non-linear optics context. Maybe I am going to have explain some non-linear optics.

I’ll look these bits of art up after I have done the hedge.

The juxtaposition of rāja yoga and quantum optics is a tad unusual. I don’t think that there are many others having it.

His suggestion was for the title:

“Increasing the probability of generating entangled photon pairs….”

This is the main thrust of the application, where the probability is increased during a specific time gate. This could be at GHz in a nanometre waveguide. I likened this to the clock frequency in a normal computer.

So, I am going to have to do some boffining as well as gardening, cooking and cleaning…

Espacenet here I come….

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