What is in it for me?

Developing this theme of asymmetric relationships, a little more, the binary division in my mind is between people who give a shit about others and people who do not give a shit about others. There are also givers and takers. There is another classing of people I call users. They use other people for their own advancement and then jettison them once they have bled them dry.

There are many people who live entirely transactionally in their so-called relationships.

“If I give you a good BJ, will you buy me that nice dress?”

In our society there is a mantra:

“What is in it for me?”

It is common, I suspect, in business and a corner stone of corruption. It is the motive behind bribery and mutual back scratching. {nudge, nudge; wink, wink}

Many have this orientation either overtly or partially hidden. It is pretty easy to elicit a “What is in it for me?” response under a number of circumstances. Some people are innately greedy. Such as these will never understand the meaning of “enough”.

Way back I knew people who got job offers elsewhere so as to leverage a pay rise or promotion in their current circumstance. “I am going to go to X, what is in it for me to stay here?”

There are people who use this word “leverage” a lot. What is a lever? It is a means of amplifying and applying force. It is a kind of manipulation. Though many would say that it is good business practice.

Technically this is sorcery.

If you apply force per unit area, what is that? Pressure.

People do this kind of thing all the time; they pressurise people and sometimes they even call it management…Foxtrot foxtrot sierra.

The people who do things without expecting anything whatsoever in return are fewer and farther between. Perhaps in our day and age they are becoming extinct just like unicorns.

There is a whole television series devoted to the above mantra. It is called Dragon’s Den.


Do you subscribe to the “what is in it for me” mantra?

Does it underpin nearly all of your interactions?

Are you happy and at peace with your inner being, your Soul?

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