Perros-Guirec Port – First Outing

The wife and I went up to Perros-Guirec for her first proper outing since she came out of hospital.

This is the true colour. I have only adjusted the brightness a little.

The town of Perros is on the hill. There are some rich geezers who visit here. There are a few quid’s worth of boats in the marina.

It was a bit breezy. New flags for the new season. The green, white and blue is for our department cote d’armor.

There is much less surveillance here than in blighty…

“The owls are not what they seem!” This Twin peaks reference is apt. This Lynchian owl is a weather vane and it can feel like it is watching you…as it moves in the wind.

Sculpture of a sail boat in Granit Rose or pink granite.

The last time I had a plate of seafood I had a night filled with severe hallucinogenic nightmares…of squirmy things…no thanks..

This is demonstrating optical waveguiding and is probably doped with a Fluorescein dye of some sort.

“Fluorescein is a fluorophore commonly used in microscopy, in a type of dye laser as the gain medium, in forensics and serology to detect latent blood stains, and in dye tracing. Fluorescein has an absorption maximum at 494 nm and emission maximum of 512 nm (in water).”

The French can have eclectic taste…barbie chairs

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