Having the Wherewithal

And I don’t mean this is the financial sense.

One of the things that both my own cancer and my wife’s myeloma have demonstrated is that there are some people who simply do not have the wherewithal to be helpful or supportive. Somehow it remains about them.

People, for example, who spend a lot of time up in their heads, do not have the wherewithal to deal with emotions and the F word, feelings. Sometimes one needs a bit of heart.

The more someone is obsessed with self and self-advancement the less use they are to others in and around points of crisis. Like the ancient church they imagine that the heavens revolve around them.

I mentioned before that I used to have a pastoral care role. Some of the people who came under my care joked to me about my magic box of tissues. Quite a lot of people and not just students, had a cry in my office.

At the moment some of the people I am electronically in touch with are in caring roles. They are carers. A lot of people take that care for granted whereas others are very grateful. Some can be genuinely vampiric.

It raises a question:

Who cares for the carers?

Are people born with the wherewithal to care, is it genetic?

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