The 2022 Harvest…

The events of the year planted in the spring, develop over the summer and are harvested in autumn.

The world breadbasket Ukraine is besieged and blockaded. The granaries around the world are being depleted. More global hunger is coming.

The cost of sanctions on those countries applying them is starting to hit home.

Who will hold their nerve?

There is a weird logic. If people don’t buy Russian oil and gas, then the supplies elsewhere will be used up sooner and in the fullness of time only Russia will have a vast surplus. What will people do then?  Has nobody thought about this? They will hold the joker…

Will the world be able to do without fossil fuels before this situation arises? Probably not.

I am a little concerned that the comfy, well fed, west is not taking the threats of escalation seriously. They have already started to bomb Kyiv again. Warsaw is not that far away.

Russia is used to brutality. In the second world war >20million died. The sieges of Petrograd and Stalingrad were brutal beyond imagination. Only perhaps the non nuclear fire-bombing of Dresden comes anywhere near. If it comes to a surviving brutality / severity top trumps game, Russia is more inured than the West.  If any country is big enough to “survive” a nuclear war, it is the biggest country on the planet.

Petrol here is now more than €2.1, there is no sunflower oil, and the pasta shelves are depleted.

We had multiple platinum jubilee coronavirus super-spreader events…what a great idea…

And now they are voting on Boris.

If he stays, what the harvest?

If he goes, what then?

The favourite to replace him is already immortalised in cockney rhyming slang, the right honourable Jeremy Hunt. I don’t particularly like him, but he is organised, clear and consistent. He can even comb his hair.

Just up the road from here the farmer has ploughed and planted his cattle pasture with corn. There are fewer cows. The return on milk and meat may not be so high. The big supermarket chains have driven the prices down. Over 50% of all French farmers are due to retire in the next decade. What do we want, cheap prices or a sustainable agriculture?

What generation of iPhone junkies wants to get up at dawn, work 18 hours and drive a tractor for not a lot of cash?

Americans seem enamoured with massacring each other…

Kim-boy-slim is launching his nuclear phallic symbols again.

Quietly Iran is enriching.

America has been shown to have complacency before…

It is difficult to predict.

Zelenskyy the erstwhile actual comedian, is the only one who does not seem like a comedian these days. All the western leaders want to be associated with his star-dust.

You can’t make this shit up, unfortunately it seems to be real.

What will the harvest be?

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