Are You an Evolved Being?

I watched a recorded TV programme “Universe” with Prof. Brian Cox last night. The graphics were stunning, but he kept on going about people providing meaning in / to the universe. What planet is he on? Really?

A lot of people may imagine that they are highly evolved because they can do clever stuff like Quantum Mechanics. But what are they like as human beings?

People can have a high opinion of themselves for a whole host of so-called reasons.

Are they self-interested and concerned solely with self-advancement or do they have genuine altruism?

There is a whole lot of ME.

Humanity as a whole has evolved over the last two thousand years. Now the bulk of humanity can read and write but it is also more form obsessed than ever before. So, whilst it might be evolving intellectually it is going backwards in terms of sex and body obsession.

“Greed is good” is a mantra for many.

Matter and the luxury of materialism are now more widely available. It is a pandemic which plagues our planet, stuff, stuff and more stuff. Give me fatuous pictures from fashionable places. There is an orgy of ostentatious consumerism. Look at me! Am I not the perfect and most excellent vacuous influencer?

Here are some questions:

Are you an evolved being?

Do you imagine yourself as somehow better than others?

If so, how and in which ways?

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