Other Worlds

Right now, we have 28˚C in the shade. Meteo says we are at 24˚C. It is often this way. We are usually hotter than forecast in summer and colder than in winter. We are due some storms and is too hot to do any more gardening.

Here is another world to one I left behind. I once lived in the middle of Brixton / Upper Tulse Hill. I used to work in South Kensington with fancy technology. Now I use garden implements. I make the occasional use of some of physics and chemistry in DIY and gardening. I teach nobody.

If I don’t go to the supermarket or a hospital, the only person aside from the wife I see is the post-person. Whereas before I used to play daily sardines on the Victoria line.

Half of my family lived in the Rhondda for near a century. I spent a fair bit of time with my maternal grandfather who was a miner, a collier. Like so many from that place he had the dust. He outlived his peers because he had his heel scrunched in a conveyor belt and had to leave the pit early. On Wales Online they have images of the Queen’s visits to Wales.

This one is at Aberfan in October 1996. That name is etched into the collective consciousness of the South Wales Valleys.

I used to go from a terraced miner’s house in Trealaw to my prep school Wycliffe College in Stonehouse. The Boarding fees for a 12 year old, which I just looked up, are £32,500 per year. Then I would fly off to Lusaka Zambia for school holidays. The other boarders were mostly army brats, but there were a few colonials and some Persians. One of whom was some kind of prince. Nchanga Consolidated Copper Mines paid my fees as part of my father’s salary package.

Different worlds.

My grandparents remembered the Tonypandy riots when the English sent in the troops. My nan was involved with socialist movement. When they asked me my politics at Wycliffe and I said Socialist the lead balloon hit the floor.

For some strange reason of late, people have started talking to me. In the waiting room at the Osteopath, a man and I had a discussion in French about the weather here and in Wales. We spoke about the type of farming. Because of my nature I probably know more about the founding Saints of Brittany than most locals. I researched it. Saint Iltud is also honoured in Glamorgan.

I can walk in different worlds.

Whilst I was doing my Ph.D. at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, near The Ritz, I was visiting the Rhondda. My grandfather was in the Collier’s Arms with some of his mates chuffing on his pipe. I joined them and he was as proud as punch that I was playing for the Occasionals team at London Welsh and that I drank five pints in under an hour with them. He did not care about the RI.

People value different things.

I am no longer a part of that other world…

I wrote a patent application in 2019. It was on Electric Field Induced Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion.  I have asked for it to be examined. I am surprised that I have not heard anything back from them.

In what way does being able to understand time resolved rotational coherence spectroscopy and vibrational quantum beats prepare you for a final chapter as a gardener?

Different worlds…

Yesterday I got to within 4 metres of the red squirrel, with camera in hand. But as I lifted it to shoot the little blighter sped off up the Oak tree.

There are now two moorhen eggs, which means there is a nest…

There is more piss taking mole-sign down by the pampas grass. There is a little hill with an open hole in the mole crossroads. I placed three traps there. No fresh moles-sign for two days.  There is a chance that Moley has been his own undoing. I’ll check tomorrow.

On the UK TV there is near endless coverage of the Platinum Jubilee…

Different worlds…

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