The Externalisation – Some More Comments

Within the “blue books” much hope is placed upon the USA and UK helping to make a better world after the second world war. They share a common Soular ray {Love-wisdom} but have different personality rays Will to Power UK and Idealism and Devotion USA. The latter ray is the ray par excellence of polarisation and true to this ray the USA is one of the most polarised countries in the world. There are haves and have nots, people who think abortion is a sin and yet are happy to have a concealed carry pistol for the purposes of killing. They do not see that the thinking here is confused! People in the UK cling to power by any means, think Boris….it is all about the power.

These two countries are behaving in a separative manner, and one could say appallingly. In the land of the free the ex-president undermined the entire electoral system!! Now Boris is changing the rules so that he does not have to resign. Honour? Nah. Decadence and decay? Yes…

It smells more than a tad.

I’ll state that neither of these two countries is Soul infused, they are stuck stubbornly in their personality and the UK still believes it has power. It might want to get off its unicorn

Imagine then initiates of the spiritual hierarchy are incarnating so as to usher in the Aquarian Age. These may be from first degree to fifth degree Master and even beyond. Where might they migrate to?

One obvious place would be to centres of learning, perhaps religion. Places like the so-called UK golden research triangle.

Who is the least likely to believe in such an externalisation and some hippie-trippy tree-hugger stuff?

“It is all about the rays, man.”

Those who hold positions of power and monopoly of high-end education.

The materially obsessed would not want anyone challenging their materialism even if they were technically a buddha, an enlightened being. In the accounts of Siddhartha, he was largely welcomed, but that was 2500 years ago and in the then spiritual India. Christ got whipped and crucified.

Since the days of the blue books higher education has changed from a privilege to big, big business. There are a number of UK universities with more than a £ 1 billion annual turnover. It is not the same. It not about education anymore it is about the size of the research budgets. It is about money!!

Someone seeking to usher in the New Age and change the practises of the status quo, is very unlikely in our day and age, to be welcomed. Enlightenment is not good for business, there isn’t a buck in it. Enlightenment does not bring physical plane power, it renounces it.

I’ll make another supposition.

People in power and with influence are not, in general, believers in karma. They are believers in exercising their power and influence to self-advance.

So, what would such a being do in they encountered an initiate of high degree?

They would probably treat them like anyone else because an initiate of high degree is an imaginary being. They would assume that because of their power and influence they would be in control of the situation. They may even try to supress the activities of the initiate especially if he was a “troublemaker”.

Hence there would be considerable and sustained resistance to any form of externalisation.

They would not consider the extensive and profound karmic implication both for them and the nation for treating an initiate of high degree poorly.

Where might one find the highest per capita density of those who have self-diagnosed omniscience?

Well amongst those who hold positions of power and monopoly of high-end education.


There is an obvious problem here, the very purveyors of education are those who are most likely to be resistant to the New Age!!

They have a vested interest, methinks…

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