The Externalisation – Some Comments

The dates in the post previous suggest that by now, 2022, The Externalisation is well underway. This means that disciples and initiates of varying degree are in carnation and walk amongst us.

The Tibetan also suggests that there will have been experiments apropos of this externalisation, many of which will fail. The prime reason they fail is personality-personality interactions and the inevitable power politics. Human beings find it hard to resist the temptation of gossip and slander. The tendency to guru yoga is strong and when people hand their power over to some guru or other, the temptation to misuse that power is hard for the guru to resist. Hence there is often scandal.

Vast swathes of the population are unaware of this externalisation though the readership of the so-called “blue books” continues to swell. I have been reading them on and off for 20 years. In that time, I have never failed to find something new, that I missed previously.

I myself was involved in an experiment 2000-2002 and was on the receiving end of some unpleasant behaviours.

If you look back to

You can see that as a being evolves it becomes ever more integrated and contained. That transmutation, transformation and transfiguration comprises the first three initiations.  As these three words suggest an initiate of the third degree is unlike normal humanity. They will differ. Transfiguration suggests more than a minor change.

So, how might one recognise one, an initiate?

This would be especially difficult if you did not know they existed.

The Tibetan suggests, within his opus, that people pertaining to the hierarchy will recognise each other.

It is human to suspect and discriminate against those who are different to ourselves. I’ll suggest that the initiates will be / are having a hard time from normal humanity and would most likely withdraw from the hurly burly to some extent. Sore thumbs stand out as it were even if they look perfectly normal. Their behaviour and attitudes would set them apart from the bulk of the self-obsessed material hedonists.  Their truths would be unwelcome.

The initiates will be of a pioneering outlook, going first like the prow of a ship. It is in the very word an initiate will initiate, that is begin.

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