The Kingfisher, The Swallows and The Snake.

Today when I was putting out the pump, I saw that flash of iridescent blue which was the Kingfisher helping itself to a spot of fish based lunch. Previously we have been treated to this event at a distance of ten metres today it was the full length of the pond.

All around the swallows, les hirondelles, have returned for the summer. They are in all the local towns and out here too. Today there was a “red arrows” formation of three, drinking on the wing from our pond. This is a spectacle to behold. As it gets warmer the number of swallow visitors goes up. I think we had nearly twenty once. They like to sit on the TV aerial, chatter and then dive bomb the pond for a drink. It is the most accessible bit of open water around here.

Then I saw the water going grass snake in the corner of the pond by the greenhouse. It slithered off into the reeds. Just now as I was putting the pump away it swam from the far bank by Le Jaudy to the near bank with the butterfly meadow. This is about 20m. It paused halfway along to check me out. Then carried on nonchalantly. It is possible, if I get lucky, I may get to take a picture. I think the snake is after the fogs, toads and water voles.

So, our summer visitors are here for the start of June!!

The big question is will les hirondelles reuse the nest in the passageway?

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