Horse Guards Parade & Day Off

On the telly there is trooping the colour from Horse Guards Parade. It seems a very long way from here. My father’s half bother was a colonel in the Royal Corps of Signal and for a while was Head of Signals London Station. He worked out of Horse Guards Parade and would have, no doubt, been involved in previous trooping the colour in a communications role, way back. He got an MBE for his military intelligence based work in the Malaya Insurgency and was with Monty in the desert prior, where he got mentioned several times in dispatches. He was put forward for his MBE by a Major-General who was head of military intelligence. As his funeral I was expertly interrogated by various officers’ wives.

Signals Cap Badge check out the Caduceus!

I awoke to relative luxury this morning. I had taken an ibuprofen for my arthritis the night before and I had had one this morning. I have had background pain for many months now and to awake without any feels luxurious. I probably need to arrange to see a specialist.

It is 24˚C in the shade already which means it is a lot hotter in full sun, we are in a sheltered bowl so there is little wind at ground level. I am going to have a day off the gardening and mowing.

It has been very dry here, so the level of the pond has been dropping rapidly. I have taken the Kawasaki pump down to Le Jaudy and will probably get two tanks worth of gas in water into the pond this afternoon. This should nearly re-fill it.

We are down to the hospital this afternoon for a visit to the haematologist and the wife may / may not start chemo again. Aside from that there is feeding the wife, doing the dishes and the laundry. Because of the high dose chemo she had in Rennes she has little or no appetite and some smells can give her nausea. It is a kind of anorexia. Yesterday I had some hot dogs which I ate in a different room. Although it is a day off there is still plenty to do.

The first tank of gas in the pump must be running out soon, so I will pop down to check now…

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