Can Dreams Change History?

Well, if you believe the account of Joseph and the Pharaoh in the bible, the answer is yes.

If you don’t believe that account, it is plain to see that Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat changed the lives of many and made a lot of cash. So yes, again.

A musical based around a biblical account of dream interpretation made money, a lot.

This afternoon I have put up a bunch of Elephant based dreams.

I suspect that my dreaming is much more vivid than average and my recall sound and detailed.

I have been recording my dreams for over 20 years!!

Taken alone one dream can be discounted as just a dream. This is less easy when there has been a whole suite of dreams which are thematically corelated.

These dreams are nocturnal and there is no brain volition, I am in no way trying to direct them.

They pop up as and when.

They are written down on awaking.

Martin Luther King’s dream changed history only his dream was much more of a vision in which he painted a picture of a brighter future in the dark depths of American apartheid.

People pooh-pooh dreams. When they do this, I find it sad. They can be afraid of what they do not understand or control.

I follow my dreams. My nocturnal involuntary ones. If I have guidance therein, I act upon it.

I do not chase my “dreams” which really means for many ambitions, wants and desires.

Anyway, must get busy with my trunk and cook some dinner…

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