Are Taboos Primitive?

Or does modern “society” and science have them?

In my lifetime homosexuality in the UK was legalised. Before that it was criminal and taboo, there was chemical castration. Look at the £50 note! Now there is law preventing conversion therapies. In some states in America abortion is taboo. People fought to allow abortions others are trying to ban them.

It is taboo to have public opinions which differ from various lobbies?

I have a T-Shirt with a rainbow-coloured psilocybin molecule on it. Would I be allowed to present a research paper at an august scientific conference on high resolution molecular spectroscopy wearing it? Or would that be taboo?

Chemists invented LSD and tripped out on it. But LSD is taboo by law now.

Is it taboo if you are a trained scientist to believe in homeopathy?

If I believe in the esoteric constitution of man, and yet can solve the particle in a box time invariant Schrödinger equation. Is that taboo, forbidden, verboten, interdit?

If I say that I have memory recall from my days in Atlantis, does that make me a dangerous whacko, a taboo being?

Are taboos time varying?

Is taboo merely another word for prejudice?

If taboos are things of primitive society, why are we so laden with them?

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