Running on Fumes?

I had this sensation this morning that many people, the world over, are running on fumes. This is because the level of challenge over the past few years has been inordinately high, and it does not really show much sign of abating.

The pandemic, the war, the inflationary economics; everyone has been touched in some way by the times. Petrol here is now past the €2 per litre mark. They are still rationing sunflower oil. There was none in the supermarket.

When people are running on fumes, they do not have much left to give to others and are often more tetchy than usual. This means that perspective is easily lost, and conflict can result.

It is this lack of abatement that grinds people down. We hear on the news about people in the UK trying to get away from it for a holiday and getting stymied at the airport. What is this “it” that people want to get away from?

Does this resonate for with you?

Are you running on fumes?


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