Being Alone- All One – Part One

I’ll try here to verbalise in a quasi-succinct manner some of my understandings.

The majority of people see themselves as separate from others and do not see themselves as a part of the One Humanity. They see Me, I, Us and They. Most people tend to be self-ish and self-centred, the world revolves around them.

They find it hard to don the moccasins of others. Why would they even bother?

I’ll estimate that most would be unable to answer in depth the question, what are you? If they were asked, who are you, they might give a manmade name and perhaps a curriculum vitae. In general, most people do not know themselves well and are not self-aware. They are too busy earning a living, engaging in pass times and their wants and desires.

A fair proportion of humanity allegedly believes in heaven and hell. But nobody can say where they are. Their images of these “places” may be similar to our manifested world. But that does not make any sense. When you die you cease to be manifest. Thus, the notion of a place in some 3-dimensional space plus time “world” is an invalid one.  Fire may burn meat, but when you have disincarnated, there is nothing to burn. The concept of being gifted a virgin as a reward for faith, is not meaningful. You are dead, you have no genitalia. You are not matter; you can’t shag.

A scientist might say that a human being is an organized bag of soft wet matter than has a structural skeleton and can process other types of matter to extract the calorific value therein which it then reacts with oxygen to release energy to do work. In also needs that energy to fend off the tendency of entropy to increase disorder and keep the bodily chemicals organised and co-operating. Humans are counter entropic beings. Much bodily function is unconscious because it would be quite simply impossible to keep track of all the bodily goings on. Viewed from one angle any meaty being is already way too complex for say a supercomputer to keep track of at molecular levels.

I don’t think that science really understands what animates the organism. It can measure some of the effects of the process of organising by electroencephalography or functional magnetic resonance imaging. It cannot comment on the cause of the organisation. Many are perhaps looking for some cerebral explanation for the fact of life, some electromagnetic explanation of beingness just as astrobiologists are seeking chemical building blocks for the first extraplanetary life forms. They are assuming carbon, nitrogen and water-based building blocks. What will animate these molecules into a life form.

How does one define life?

Of late the world has been plagued by a virus. This self-replicating piece of biology invades, takes over and makes copies of itself. In the process it messes up the functioning of human beings, badly

Is a virus alive?

Is it intelligent?

Can you kill a virus?

 A virus is a part of the One Life, just like you and I but it is not technically living according to science.

Some thing way smaller than the diameter of a human hair has turned “our” world, our “reality” upside down and inside out.

We could say that the virus is the cause of disease. But what caused the virus?

Did we as One Humanity cause this spiky bit of biology to invade. Perhaps we did but again we are not striving to understand causes. We are trying to juggle the effects and keep our materialistic plates spinning.

Humans are no doubt clever and resourceful but one day unless they start to look causally at causes; they will drop the balls and profound crisis will ensue.

I am guessing that humanity, as a whole, is heading for its very own dark night of the Soul.

These are not pleasant I can bear witness….


Time to feed trip hazard and do dinner…

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