What is Noteworthy?

I’ll start this off by saying that for a long time I was a research scientist, and I derived a great deal of pleasure burrowing like a mole into the academic literature back in the day when you had to use real physical paper. My three favourite libraires were The Royal Society of Chemistry in Piccadilly, UCL library and the library at Universität Bern, particularly in the chemistry block. There is something highly olfactory about a paper library with old books and journals. The one at UMIST also had a nice feel.

I’ll speculate that I have looked more widely and with a higher degree of rigor into what might be called the “occult” literature than most. I will have done this with an ability to visualize in four dimensions and a decent understanding of modern physical and chemical sciences. My ability to conceptualize is way above average.

Here is a dilemma.

Imagine then that you are responsible for student pastoral care at a top science university and that you are routinely doing experiments in non-linear optics with £250k femtosecond lasers. Imagine that your colleagues are highly sceptical about anything new agey and generally hyper focussed only on research and grant income. Nothing else is as important. Imagine that you start having visions of yourself as a Buddhist monk with Om Mane Padme Hum tattooed on your arm in Sanskrit. Imagine that as you were waiting at the bus stop at Jebb Avenue on Brixton Hill outside the prison those visions continued. Imagine that whilst you were attempting to teach Chemical Kinetics to undergraduates those visions persisted. You were nevertheless able to do quite a good job teaching. Imagine that the pastoral care role enabled you to practise a great compassion.

What would you do?

Would you tell your colleagues or keep silent?

Would you seek medical help or be reasonably convinced that these visions were breakthrough from a previous life?

Why then would someone who had two previous incarnations as a Buddhist priest / monk tip up teaching at Imperial College London of all places?

It is the most unlikely place, cutthroat ambitious, for such a being to find himself at. A fish out of water, for sure.

Surely, they would go a Buddhist centre or a Dzong?

Imagine that subsequently said creature had a dream pointing him at having been one of Buddha’s close disciples 2500 years ago, a named individual

Would that juxtaposition of femtosecond lasers and saffron robes be noteworthy?

Would it be a tad odd?

In any case what would / could you do with this kind of stuff?

For many this kind of stuff is not feasible and even to begin to accept it would be very difficult. The tendency would be to pooh-pooh.

If said being were then to warn people against emanating any unpleasantness at him because it was karmically very bad, people would not take that advice because “they know best”.

How do you stop people from doing karmic harm to themselves when they are self-diagnosed omniscient?

The answer is that it is impossible, you cannot.

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