Busy Morning…

I got up first and had my usual litre of industrial strength Colombian coffee…

Gave the wife her breakfast and some pills…

Fed the trip hazard and the birds.

Emptied the dishwasher.

Partially refilled it…

Put some washing on…

Took the dead bird down to the river for “recycling”.

I am due to mow this afternoon, so I checked the mole traps. If the mower goes over the place where the traps are they get triggered.

You can usually tell by the smell when you remove the turf. There is a whiff of death.

In the trap I had least hope for I found this blighter.

It is the biggest one yet which accounts for the Himalaya size mole hills.

Took Moley to sleep with the fishes too!

Lay some more mole traps down by the pampas grass…

Finished off weeding where the bird was.

Cleaned and disinfected both toilets, taps, lights switches and flush included.

Cleaned the bathroom with a bath in it and washed the floor.

The idea being it might be nice for the wife to have a bath instead of a sit down shower.

There is a nice smell of bleach….

Emptied the bin…

Put the washing out on the line.

It is pretty quiet here at the moment the wife is sleeping a lot…

Quite a lot done in one morning….hmnn…

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