Possible Omen and Bird Surround Sound

It looks like May, in the past, was a month for “corker” dreams.

This morning, it was raining so I was doing some food preparation for the wife.

I also put up the Sanskrit Senzar Messenger dream.  Straight after this I went outside to give the birds the remnants of what I had been cooking.

As I did this, I thought I saw a bird of prey lifting off from the “football pitch”. I went over to investigate.  A large crow flew towards the oaks by the river.

It then cawed especially for me.

I am sure it was trying to convey.

Crows are couriers to “power”.

It said four caws and then repeated bursts of two caws.

I stood and waited to see how long this would go on…It repeated several times.

Two is the symbol for humility and understating or sometimes an indication of destiny.

After a while the crow and another, presumably a pair, flew off to the West.

I was reminded of Russel and Sheryl the two crows who nested above our door in Buckland.

The wife has been very tired today.

I started weeding in the gravel “patio” near the veranda. As I was working, I noticed a small bird not moving, only a few feet from me. There has been an impact on one of the glass doors. This could be the result. I tidied up the gravel, checking on the bird from time to time. It had figured out I was not after it and it was breathing normally with no signs of stress. It was dying though. I left a little cordon of weeds around it so as to not freak it out. I’ll clear them tomorrow or the next day.

Then I went up to the central section.

It is a big holiday here and the road was very quiet.

As I worked in the central section I was treated to the full May-time surround sound of bird song. There was one call that I have not heard before up in the Walnut tree.

I actually enjoy weeding, especially when there is a soundtrack…

Oh, before I go, it seems trip hazard does not mind ammonia. A bit like strong piss…

However, he is not a fan of acetone!!

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