Golden Core – Caduceus Dream 19-05-2013

*Gold is the dreaming symbol for Nagal or Spirit

I am flying in the sky above all the people. I come across a wooden “telegraph” pole like the one we have in the garden. It is mossy and unnoticed. I am the golden core to the telegraph pole. The direct link between sky {heaven} and earth. Though no one appreciates this.

I am then in my flat in an apartment building which is shared by many. There is a sense that this is a learning community. It is not very tidy. From time to time I come upon a drawer which has been rifled through. Over by one of the windows are two very small birds of a peachy-blue colouration. They are not like any real birds. I go over to them and start to mimic their calls very accurately. They hop along until they are very close to me. I speak with them in bird language. Soon they are mimicking me and speaking English. They hop onto my head and shoulders. I let them walk all over my face. I know in the dream that these two birds love me a great deal.

I continue to move around my flat and find that another drawer has been rifled. I take the Swiss army penknife {red with a white cross} and put it in my pocket. I go to where my golden Caduceus is and put it in my pocket. They have not found its hiding place. I am now wearing combat trousers. I notice water dripping from the ceiling and go to investigate the jewellers which is above. As I get to the landing the police are arriving. Someone has broken into the jewellers and stolen many things. The police comment to me that they are amateurs.

I slip a pair of nunchaku into my left trouser pocket and set off into the street. As I approach a building site a lorry containing long strips of wood, sheds it load narrowly missing me. I shout at the builder and pick up a stick not sure whether to give it back to him or attack. I wave it at him. He does something similar. I have my hand over left trouser pocket as I approach him. It is good natured and fun, I go on my way.

Meanwhile I hear a rumour spread by my ex-wife that I have lost my Caduceus in the robbery. The story that my Caduceus made by designer XXXX propagates. It has been lost when they broke into the jewellery shop. I touch the Caduceus in my pocket and am very happy to let the rumour propagate for now.

I am now in central London near the Buckingham Palace roundabout. There are many taxis and a wedding procession with a white Rolls Royce. I am on the central island. I can see that a taxi is going to collide with the Rolls Royce. It does so and they both roll towards me. I know I am going to be hit but not hurt. As they roll into me, I bounce a little. The Rolls Royce is crumpled. The taxi driver apologises and asks if I would like a lift. I say, “no thanks”.

I continue my way onto a high-rise construction site. There are many stainless stell girders of a narrow diameter. I climb with ease and get across a gap onto the far part of the building site. There is no obvious way back. A Scotsman appears and I ask him if he will help me. He cannot because he will get into trouble for me being on site. He changes his mind. He can help me if I pretend to be casual labour. The bucket of a crane is there, and it is royal blue in colour. We both get in and return to the ground.

I head back to the learning community.

There is now a scientific apparatus there and some experiments are going on. They cannot see but I am something akin to a left bionic arm. This arm is flesh coloured, very high functioning and its hand is ultra-precision.

In the dream I go back to the telegraph pole and the birds, I check again the Caduceus which is safe in my pocket.  It is now also a part of me. The Caduceus is my golden core.

 The Dream ends.

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