Of Karmic Significance? Materialistic Hedonism

If I understand it correctly the report into the shenanigans at #10 Downing Street had some comments about getting away with it {phew}.

Many people share this “getting away with it” mentality, which means I guess, that they have not been held to account by the law or other human beings. They do not believe in karma or sin. Just so long as they are not punished in a mundane sense for their misdemeanour, they are happy and will do the same kind of dodgy stuff over an over. They are more concerned by what other human beings think, say and do than what the universe makes of their actions. Even those who give a passing nod to the notions of sin and karma, bend the “rules” when it suits them. They might have a knee trembler with their aide outside their office, distort statements so that they are spun to look better, fiddle their expenses and exaggerate beyond measure.

People who allege themselves Christian forget about the notions of Sodom and Gomorrah and the wrath of God. I am pretty sure that someone from a hundred years ago witnessing “acceptable” behaviour now would be utterly shocked. Friends with benefits? Notches on bed posts…

Has the one humanity, as a whole, broken its moral compass so that it is a slave to temptation, immediacy and convenience?

In a large part I think that the answer to this is yes.

The government of a nation is but a mirror of its populace. All empires fall into decline and it looks to me that the untied kingdom {possible word choice error suggests MS Word} does not yet realise that this is what is happening.

I have a hypothesis:

Humanity exists in two types, those that care for and give a shit about others and those who are only in it for themselves, the greedy and needy self-centred.

What do you think about this hypothesis? Is it accurate?

Those in the latter classing often pretend to give a shit about others so as to advance their needs and their agendas. They may bribe them with a tax windfall.

Competitive materialistic hedonism is the prime cause of global warming. Humanity can try to get away with it and marginally alter behaviours and come up with ingenious ways to have its cake and eat it. The fact remains that the resources of this planet are finite. We cannot have more and more people wanting more and more unnecessary stuff.

But nobody says that.  It argues we will be carbon neutral; we will try to keep global warming to some man-made target. Humanity is dealing with the effects and not the cause.

Competitive materialistic hedonism has karmic significance both for humanity and the planet.

We have to change our ways…

Changing the way we live is the surest way to slow climate change. But to question humanity’s insatiable desire for stuff, toys, holidays and gluttonous consumption is never going to be a vote winner!!

That is until after the next truly massive disincarnation event. The disasters when they come will have to be truly significant for humanity to wake up and smell the coffee.

I wonder how massive these events must be in order to drag humanity’s attention away from Netflix, party gate and the Heard/Depp trial?

Phew, if we build a few more windfarms, a couple more nuclear power plants we will get away with it. We can get to keep our materialistic hedonism way of life, stuff our faces and shag ourselves senseless while Rome burns.

The prime cause of global warming is competitive materialistic hedonism. This self-satisfying paradigm has karmic implications which include meteorological disasters, wars over fossil fuels and potentially mass extinction of flora and fauna.

We are so clever at inventing ways to minimise damage that we fail to see that which is directly under our nose.  We put our heads in the sand so that we can get to keep our vampiric behaviours bleeding the earth to death.

Homo sapiens??

It is so simple…but nobody wants to say it.

One thought on “Of Karmic Significance? Materialistic Hedonism

  1. Perhaps it’s too late to make a difference even if we wanted to. Karmic repercussions have grown too thick and the effects are coming soon. You’re right! It’ll take a massive backlash to wake people up, and even then it’ll be too late. For something new to come the old must disappear.


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