The Unsolvable

When too much water has flowed under the bridge is it sensible to try to close the stable door after the horse has bolted?

You can never step in the same river twice!!

There are many things in life which are irrevocable. Though there are some that think anything can be solved, put right. Often with cash. They are obviously wrong. For example, no amount of current day financial reparation can fix what slavery did nor what colonial power did to indigenous peoples. It is a salve for the conscience which simply does not work. Though people may kid themselves that it does. If one is being real, it is for show only, it is cosmetic.

There are certain types of people who like to meddle in the affairs of others imagining that they are doing good. I call this the “we are only making plans for Nigel problem” after a song by XTC. Some people might be flattered that someone is making plans for them, not me. This has happened a number of times in the past and it has in each case gone very badly wrong. I have been presented with a fait accompli which I have not accepted, and much irrevocable mess has ensued. People have imagined that they have found a solution. No bugger asks me.

I had a dream this morning in which someone from my past wanted “this {pertaining to me}” wrapped up and solved. He even had a gun suggesting that an attack is on the way from this individual and perhaps some of his cronies. I can see three other people who he is in conversation with and all of them are significantly more powerful than me.

I do not belong in that world anymore, nor will I ever again. So, I have no idea what solution they might imagine. A solution formulated in another world is inapplicable in this world.

I am clear about my life circumstance. We live socially isolated on a big plot of land. The wife is in recovery from high dose chemotherapy / autologous stem cell transplant. She will either have round two or go into a two month chemotherapy follow up. For the foreseeable future I will be carer and that is it. Gardener / carer / chauffer / cook.

People cannot get it. I do not have any proximal help, social contact or support. People have asked me do I have friends to talk to about this. No. What about family? No. People just do not get it!!

Is there a problem with plain English?

It should not be like this, some may think, however it is. Simple really.

Trying to solve a problem which does not exist, is a bit silly.

Oh well, we shall see if the dream was a portent or just a dream…

Strimmer frenzy this afternoon, methinks….

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