Entitled Buffoons

I am quite saddened tonight watching all the ultra-petty squabbling over “party gate”. In a world where there is war, starvation and impending financial crisis, some dickhead is asking US to move on, move on from his flagrant lies, bullshit and deception.  {I did not inhale, honest}  And this dude is trying to claim the moral high ground for the “shining” democracies of the west against the allegedly ‘roid-rage totalitarian cancer victim in the east.

If western “democracy” is/was great this is a low, low point. There may be lower ones yet to come, maybe in top trump world someone might trump Trump. Boris is trying.

On Al Jazeera I watched someone from central Africa explain that the shenanigans in the USA elections were usually reported as the kind of “primitive” shit that goes on in sub–Saharan Africa. He thought it funny that the preaching Washington had the same level of corruption and chaos.

The wine-bar culture in Westminster is familiar, entitled buffoons permeate…there are a lot of posh dickheads in London.

The UK has its head right up its own arse, so far that it cannot see how ridiculous it looks…

Global Britain, super trade deals with everyone after Brexit…yeah right…

What really, a deal, with you pissed up bunch of wankers, entitled public school bum chums?

Britannia rules the waves…

Deal or no deal…

This just shows how far and how deep the phenomenon of entitled buffoons, allegedly in charge, permeates British society.

We know best, Pleb, do as we say and not as we do…

Oh, mighty Patrician, thank you for your benevolent wisdom, prior to its honeyed nectar falling on my paupers’ ears, I was bereft, I was lost. Oh, magnificence now that your have deigned to offer me of your profound wisdom my life is again complete.


Are you a Patrician?

Am I a pleb..?

Tell me, tell me….

You are the boss…

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