Cat Deterrent

The cat, trip hazard, had starting using the flower bed just outside the kitchen as a latrine. This is a bit close for comfort. So, I tried using Nag Chompa incense to deter it. In a former life trip hazard must have been a hippie. Because that doesn’t work.

In the workshop I have some concentrated ammonium hydroxide which is good for saponifying stubborn grease and fat. I sprinkled some of this on the cat latrine and I haven’t seen trip hazard there since.

He has been angling to get into the house, but this is forbidden with an immune compromised wife. I have put about 10ml of the ammonia solution down on the floor by the back door where he rubs to ask for dinner.

Around 6pm I will open the sliding door which usually summons my familiar by magic, the magic of cat biscuits. I will be able to observe if the ammonium hydroxide deters him from rubbing. He will be unable to make a dash to get in the veranda if does not get close to the opening door. I can still smell it so what will the cat make of it?

Failing that I shall just have to piss on the wall…or the cat…

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