Is There Anything Beyond Your Ken?

I’ll start this off with an abstract comment.

“If you are still scared of the bogeyman, he still has you by your metaphorical testicles…”

I personally like to draw on pieces of knowledge from as many different sources as I can. Knowledge itself is not burnished nor tarnished by its purveyor.

One day two people were talking, and one said to the other that he did not understand him, and that miscommunication was taking place. The other said that he understood his companion well and that there was no miscommunication.

Of these two who was accurate?

Most people are happy to accept the notion of seeing, prophecy and telepathy for the ~90 minutes it takes to watch a motion picture. After all Tolkien, Herbert, X-men etc. provide entertainment. There are less people who accept these notions take place in real life. Prophecy is a big part of several religions.

Amongst the professional natural scientists and engineers, the notion of seeing is likely to be discounted even derided. It is some made up shit that can’t give six sigma proof.

In the previous post I put up some aphorisms pertaining to seeing. If you are interested have a read and contemplate on the profound philosophical depth behind each aphorism.

Over the years I have had numerous occasions when I have said to others that I do not think like them, I have no internal dialogue and that my view of the world differs from theirs. They may have heard what I have said but they almost inevitably interpret it to mean that it differs only by a little. After all I am a trained scientist with > 50 physics / chemistry papers in peer reviewed journals so I can’t think that differently to them.  When I say that thinking is entirely volitional for me, they have no idea what I mean. When I say miscommunication is taking place, they think that they understand what is going on.

In our times it is common practice to lie.

So, for example if people were talking about me behind my back and I was 200 miles away, they would imagine it safe to deny that such conversations had / were taking place. How could I find out if no one told me?  If hypothetically I was/am a seer and had seen these conversations, I would trust my knowledge better than anything they might subsequently say. If I then asked directly and they lied to me I would know from the sound of their voice that they were lying. If they tried to persuade me, they would be digging themselves a deeper metaphorical hole.

If the fullness of time if humanity develops a widespread capacity of seeing mendacity must eventually pass, spin will wither and die.

It is my general observation that some people imagine that their knowledge encompasses way more than it does and that their ken is more pervasive than it is.  People can pooh-pooh stuff without having done a proper investigation of it themselves.  This is especially the case if THEY say that something is whacko.  The omniscient THEY are everywhere.

So, two questions:

Is there anything beyond your ken?

If so, what is it?

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