16 Days 1800 Kilometres

Not long back from Rennes and today’s journey showed just how much rhythm there is to life in France. I have chosen to drive there in the “lunch window”. There was very little traffic midday Sunday. It was nose down elbows up time. In the entire 300km round trip I only passed three lorries on a main route national. One of those was Spanish heading to Brest to go home. People take the Sabbath here.

When I left the hospital in the big city Rennes, the streets were next to deserted.

The rhythm of day here, day driving may be soon {hopefully} drawing to an end.  It is not easy watching someone go through the aftermaths of high dose chemotherapy. The baseball bat medical approach takes people close to that doorway into the other world. The physical plane effects are nasty and difficult to bear. She went outside for the first time in over two weeks, today.

It is possible that she will come home soon{ish}.

I foresee in my crystal ball, a vacuum cleaner, a mop, some toilet cleaner and some sink work.

No doubt there will be a shopping list to take to the ladies up at the pharmacy…where we are getting plenty of loyalty card points.

Because I defrosted the fridge Trip Hazard and Felix are getting a small pork joint for tea…

It is bloody quiet here this evening, nothing stirs on the road.

Soon I will ask; “Who led the long march?”

And Trip Hazard will answer “miaow”..

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