Do I go for #1 Clippers?

Not long back from 300km round trip to CHU Rennes. If one arrives there in the 12:00-14:00 time window, there is space in the carpark. After that you need to summon the occult parking fairy in order to get a space. I can say with some honesty it is way too tiny and its design is crap. But it is cheap compared to UK hospital carparks.

When I got to the entrance barrier, I obvs had to get out of the right door to get the ticket. Some guy was confused. A Peugeot 207 with 22 plates and a steering wheel on the wrong side? I had to explain; “elle était anglaise”.

For the past three days the wife has been way too exhausted to communicate beyond a few minutes on the ‘phone or a short text. Besides she also had a fever caused by an infection.

Today although still very tired and with a lot of discomfort we spoke face to face for the first time in a week. When there is just two of you in comparative isolation, being apart like this is not easy.

The fever has gone thank to IV antibiotics, they have taken out her PIC line and the blood workups are starting to look promising.

So, fingers crossed.

I am wondering should I, as an act of solidarity, go for a self-inflicted #1 clippers cut tomorrow.

We are both fond of Reggae. Have you heard of Mad Professor?

“Jah would never give the power to a baldhead

Run come crucify the dread

Time alone, oh, time will tell”

Robert Nesta Marley

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