There are more ways than one to skin a cat…

It is my experience that people can be talking about the same subject from different perspectives and are way closer to agreement than they can imagine. They are often describing the same thing but from a different point of view. Of late I have encountered this not only from perspective but also in language. The French psyche is much more different than I had anticipated. If you can get your head round where they are coming from it makes sense.

You need to try though.

France has 3rd ray personality active intelligence and 5th ray Soul concrete knowledge.

Great Britain has a 1st ray personality power and a 2nd ray Soul love-wisdom

Germany has a 1st ray personality power and a 4th ray Soul Harmony through conflict.

Brits are all about power politics and cock waving, the French are much more about ideas and clever solutions.

I have been mightily impressed with the invention of some of the French gadgets and tools, some are genius.

Both of these countries have similar sized economies and a nasty bellicose colonial past. Yet where they are roughly speaking in terms of living now, they are not so different. Yet we squabble over fish. If the countries could get over their ego {as it is used in modern psychology} who knows what could be achieved. The Brits want to be in charge and have nobody tell them what to do. Rule Britannia, Britannia rules the waves. Yeah right, not anymore. The French would know that it is not intelligent to be isolationist and look down on the feeble intellects which think it is a good idea.

Over the years I have found myself suspect. The scientists think I am a delusional tree hugger. The new agers think that I am a harsh nit-picking scientist. I can’t win…not that I want to.

This raises in me questions.

Why do people find it so hard to see and appreciate the perspective of another?

Is it REALLY all about being right and arguing the toss about petty, trivial, unimportant stuff?

With guns?

So now we have war in the East of Europe. NATO did not listen to Russia saying that it was unhelpful to expand the alliance over many years. We in the wonderful “egalitarian” west are right, they in the authoritarian East are wrong. We know best. We hold the moral high ground…Really? Is the USA one of the most bitterly polarised societies in the world on the axes of wealth and healthcare?  A shining example of self-delusion, leader of the free world. Fix your own house dude.

I’ll put an excerpt from Destiny of Nation by Bailey and Kuhl in here.

A close analysis of the following will reveal certain lines of racial understanding. There is a natural rapport indicated between the present personality rays of Germany and Great Britain, yet a relationship can be seen also between France and Great Britain through their esoteric national mottoes and also between the two symbols which are also theirs. The symbol for France is the fleur de lys, which she adopted centuries ago under divine guidance, which symbol stands for the three divine aspects in manifestation. The symbol for Great Britain, under the same divine apportioning, is the three feathers, carried as the arms of the Prince of Wales. The scintillating and brilliant French intellect with its scientific bent is accounted for by the interplay of the third Ray of Active Intelligence with the fifth Ray of Scientific Understanding. Hence their amazing contribution to the knowledge and the thought of the world and their brilliant and colorful history. Be it remembered also that the glory of the empire which was France is but the guarantee of a glory of divine revelation which lies ahead in the future; it will never be theirs until they cease living in the wonder of their past and go forth into the future to demonstrate the fact of illumination which is the goal of all mental effort. When the intellect of the French is turned towards the discovery and the elucidation of the things of the spirit, then they will carry revelation to the world. When their egoic ray dominates the third ray and when the separative action of the fifth ray is transmuted into the revealing function of this ray, then France will enter into a period of new glory. Her empire will then be of the mind and her glory of the soul.

I personally found myself at odds with all the power politics in England. You could say that I am in exile here, but that might be dramatic.

The year we arrived I built the AUM thought form and the A-U-M over and over. It is still “there” in the next room subjectively. I can feel it just behind me now as I type.

I just wish people would try to understand each other better and cease from being so petty, argumentative and bellicose.

I have had one previous French life around 800 years ago.

Here there is way more nonverbal communication than in the UK.

One of the tradesmen we had visiting hit our roof with his white van and broke a slate or two. I said to him that he had broken it. I gestured towards some replacement slates which I had gotten out of my workshop. I said to him that these might help him.

So instead of getting annoyed I offered him an intelligent solution.

When he finished his work, I saw that he had fixed the roof, no drama.

So, I’ll wrap this up with a question.

Why are we, as one humanity, so quick to confront and so apparently unwilling to try to find an intelligent mutual solution?

P.S. Don’t worry trip hazard is alive and well

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