A Lot to Handle…

This morning started with a car traveling in the opposite direction flashing its lights at me. The gendarmes were at the local roundabout training their hand-held speed camera on the morning traffic.

When I got to the dentist expecting only to have a filling replaced, he tapped my tooth, and it made the tell-tale sound of being cracked. The sound travels along the jawbone. About two weeks ago he did excellent root-canal work on me, and we had our fingers crossed that the tooth could be saved.

One x-ray, some anaesthetic and a pair of pliers later I am minus a tooth and have a whole bunch of stuff from the pharmacist. More medication…yippee…

I am wondering if/when I am going to crack what with all that is going on.

What the foxtrot next?

It was quite early, so I popped into the supermarket on the off chance. There was, at last, some sunflower oil!! So, 3 litres of oil are sitting next to the bottle of Haut Medoc which I also bought.

The wife texted that she was too tired for a visit, she has a fever which is not good news.

As I was driving back from the dentist it seemed to me that I have a lot to handle right now but then I thought that I am not unique in this. Loads of people in all corners of the world are having a tough time too.

I have food and am not under artillery bombardment. I am surrounded by a lovely garden so I should be able to hack the psychological angst and hole in my jaw.

I wonder how many people world over are close to or past their breaking point?

If the economic forecast from the Bank of England is correct the situation is only going to get worse. The other day a woman in the supermarket had nearly a shopping trolley full of flour. The economic paradigm of economic growth must, in a finite world of resource, finally come to an end. Excessive materialistic consumerism is already killing the planet.

Do I get a water butt delivered and some purifying tablets?

Do I stock up on sugar, flour and yeast?

What about petrol?

It is more likely than ever before that nuclear war happens…

Should I get a barbecue as a back up way of cooking, we have wood probably enough for winter.

Strange times….

Well, it looks like strimmer frenzy again for me…

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