When People Just Don’t Listen

I have just had another case of miscommunication. It stems from the fact that people don’t listen.

I was trying to explain that one of the major cultural differences between Britain and France stems from the verb “demander”. Here, if I have understood it correctly, people are expected to ask even demand for things. I tried to get this point across, and the woman said seconds later just ask. Ask for what?

This “demander” seems to be embedded in the culture. I know it is perhaps a subtle thing and those so embedded would not be able to see because they know no different. It is the same with discuss and debate. These seem to be national pass times. Ask is very different subtly from “demander”. It is a little to do with notion of rights, citizen’s rights.

 I don’t believe I am owed, nor do I deserve anything. I do not really want anything in the same way as most so why would I ask?


I don’t like to debate or discuss because I have found on very many occasions that I never learn anything from these. My mind works OK, and I can nearly always figure stuff out faster and more profoundly than others. Why waste breath talking?


I tried to explain to her that I do not like using telephones and in the same breath she said that I could telephone the nurses for information about my wife.

I said to her that she was not listening to me.  She said that’s she could understand that lack of eye contact is a problem. No, I said I have a real aversion to using telephones. She did not get it one bit.

She assumes, perhaps, like so many people I am conjoined at the hip with my phone and am constantly using in one way or another.

A few seconds later she again said that I can call up for information anytime.

I tried to get out of the phone call as quickly as possible.

She does not understand that the likelihood of me calling the hospital for information is close to zero.

What tends to placate others often has the exact opposite effect on me.

Brick walls and all that.

Oh well when it gets to 14:00, I can go and play with the sit on mower…

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