Motoculture -Dual Tasking

As I was working up these images I was struck by the fact that no member of staff from the hospital has given me any update whatsoever as to what is going on for the wife. It has been a week and I have not heard a dickie-bird. I am down as the one to make “decisions” should they be needed and no bugger has even touched base with me. It is rude. I am so utterly out of the loop…

Alison here is what has been going on today.

Plughole corner says the level in the pond is low…

So I hauled out the pump with the trolley.

The Kawasaki is noisy

Connecting the pond to Le Jaudy

Priming the pump with the water hose…

Pump up da Volume…

This is what one tank of petrol does to the level. That is a lot of water shifted for a couple of euros.

I have left the pump out overnight and after I get some more gas from Inter. tomorrow I will run it again to fill the pond.

While the pump was running I cut the “football pitch” with TondyMcTondface..

I left a meadow edge for the damsel flies, bees, dragonflies and butterflies.

I was a bit less fearful this time and got quite a nice finish, on the 4 setting.

Every two stripes I had to empty the grass bag!!

Have a glass of 1664 on the go…

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