Me, Trip Hazard, and Felix

Just got back from the supermarket and I will not have any proximal human person to person contact now until Tuesday morning. That first human contact will be with the dentist! The filling came out last night and because I am on antibiotics for bronchitis it is unlikely that I will develop an infection.

There is enough cat food to keep Trip Hazard and Felix going until then and I will probably not leave the compound for around 90 hours.

The wife has entered the hardest and riskiest part of her high dose chemotherapy autologous stem cell transplant treatment, called aplasia. This means that she has zero immune system and the Melphalan has severely interfered with all her fast-growing cells such as her mouth lining and her gastro-intestinal tract. By all accounts she is going to have a tough time of it.

She is 150km away and I am banned from visiting because I might be infectious with my bronchitis. They have suggested that I may have a second coming of Covid. So, I will do a test in a few minutes time. My blood serum level of antibiotic is now peaking, and I am on day three of 80mg a day Prednisolone which means I am a tad pink and slightly shaky. I am not sleeping well. My last antibiotic is Tuesday morning and if I am asymptomatic, I might be allowed to visit in person Tuesday afternoon.

It is a strange powerless feeling, to be so distant surrounded by verdant garden and not in a sterile closed off hospital room.

It is going to be a strange few days methinks…

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