Devenir Un Taupier

What is 6.02214076×1023 multipled by three?

Three moles.

We are being attacked on three fronts so I bought some “modern” weapons in a NATO country.

Must not leave my scent on the traps…

These new ones are very springy. If you do not tie the copper squares on it pings several metres.

Ready to go…locked and loaded.

Down by Le Jaudy this blighter is taking the piss. It tunelled right next to my traps.

Time for a tactical withdrawal..methinks…

The Old and the New…

Up at the top, where the black and white stray cat likes to sleep {top left} there are now 15 set traps!!

The new mole on the block has come in from the DMZ and is down by the pampas grass…

The four shiny new traps are now set!!

I was going to mow, but using a spade buggers up my hips… discretion here is the better part of valour.

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